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Biographies of Co-Directors & Co-Producers

Stuart M. Rankin (aka See Wan Kei)

Stuart has been in the video business since 1986. He has been involved in a diverse range of video activities in that time. From production (grip, lighting, camera, directing) to post-production (offline and online editing of programmes whose range includes industrial, corporate, broadcast documentary, broadcast promos, as well as art direction for graphics).

A few of his accomplishments are:

Winning the Louise Mckinney Scholarship for Advanced Education Award for outstanding work in the field of post-production editing (1994).

The 1/2 hour documentary, Dance & The Camera (offline/online/graphics) - a collaboration with The Banff Centre for the Arts and Bob Lockyer, Head of Dance, BBC London, England. Aired in numerous places worldwide, 1994.

Fast Trip, Long Drop (online/graphics/art direction), which won Best Narrative Documentary at the 1993 Sundance Festival, USA - directed, produced, and offlined by Greg Bordowitz. FTLD is a no-nonsense/cut-and-dry look at life as a long-term survivor of AIDS.

Arts Edge (design and execution of the opening graphics and segues for the 1994 season), a contemporary arts weekly tv program on the Learning Channel, Vancouver, Canada.

The Dreams of the Night Cleaners (online/video effects), a 60 minute docu-drama following the topic of cultural alienation/racism in Canada as seen through the eyes of three women from India. Slated for broadcast and intended for libraries across Canada, this is a collaborative work from the National Film Board of Canada/Banff Centre for the Arts/Leila Sujir (writer/director).

Gravity & Grace (final cut and effects work) - an independent film written, directed and produced by Chris Kraus, Los Angeles, California . Gravity & Grace was theatrically released in New Zealand and USA in late 1995.

Another of Stuart's recent works is for Director Nina Czeglady's (Budapest, Hungary) documentary on women survivors of World War II and the '56 Revolution, Logodi Utca (offline/online/graphics/art direction). The programme aired January, 1995 on Magyar Televizio, Budapest, with much critical success.

In 1995 Stuart (Writer/Editor) and Anastasia Edwards, an independent Producer/Researcher, created a 10 minute documentary on the situation of Filipina domestic workers living in Hong Kong. Kumusta Ka, Kabayan (How Are You My Compatriot?) was packaged with other short documentaries dealing with women's issues for the Beijing Women's Conference. It was distributed by TVE in London, England, and shown on the BBC World Service to an estimated audiece of 200 million worldwide.

In March, 1997, Stephen Black, a well-known New York photo-journalist and multi-media producer, and Stuart (Co-editor), created YALLAH! -- a one hour collection of jazz-rock video performances by one of Japan's favourite independent music artists, Sadato.

Stuart is the supervising editor for TNT/Cartoon Network, Asia Pacific --- located in Hong Kong. He and his partner, Haymann Lau, have just recently finished a one hour independent documentary, In Search Of The Dragon's Tale (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor) The documentary gives a personal look into modern day Hong Kong and shows historical links to the Walled City of Kowloon,'a place the British and Chinese authorities preferred to forget.'

He is currently completing his first novel; working on screenplays for Hong Kong cinema, and learning Cantonese. He has also written works for radio and stage.

Haymann Lau

Haymann is from Hong Kong. She won a UK/HK Scholarship to study in the UK as a UK/HK Scholar in 1990. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she started a lingerie business aimed at new markets such as Russia. Alongside this, she became involved in international telecommunications management.

Fluent in English, French, Cantonese and other Chinese dialects, she has interpreted for foreign crew filming documentaries in Hong Kong, as well as translated material for the Hong Kong International Film Festival. As the Hong Kong Representative of La Laverie Gallery of Paris, she has introduced talented young Asian photographers to Europe.

Haymann combined her managerial and organizational skills with her strong research skills for In Search of the Dragon's Tale, her first documentary. (Co-Producer/Co-Director/Translator/Production Coordinator)

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