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Crew & Musicians

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by
See Wan Kei
Haymann Lau

Haymann Lau
Teresa Hui

Davis Kwan

Haymann Lau
Teresa Hui
Davis Kwan

Yi Chiu Kwan

Sound Recordist/Lighting:
Cheung Wing Keung

Sound Designer & Sound Mix:
Martin Chappell

Graphics Designer:
Lawrence Law

Recording Engineer:
Adrian Chan (Studio S&R)

Assist. Recording Engineer
Jerry Lee (Studio S&R)

Maurice Chan Chi Chiu
- Chinese Flute; Electric Guitar
Thomas Chui Kwok Fai
-- Drums; Acoustic Guitar;
Electric Guitar; Synthesizer

Daryl Leung Wai Kuen
-- Harmonica
Jerry Lee (Studio S&R)
-- Bass Guitar
Andy Wong
-- Electric Guitar

Ah Wing

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Our company logo and the Chinese documentary titles were

designed and carved exclusively for Flying Dragon Productions by:

World Renowned Traditional Carving Artist


To find out more about Mr. Chow's traditional signet carving works

Please visit Mr. Chow's page by clicking below:

The Chinese Art of Traditional Signet Carving

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Fast Facts
including technical info

Script of the Documentary

Biographies of Co-directors & Co-producers
See Wan Kei & Haymann Lau

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