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Script of the Documentary

Biographies of Co-directors & Co-producers
See Wan Kei & Haymann Lau

crew & musicians

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Fast Facts

  • Length:
    • The length of the documentary is 60 minutes commercial broadcast (48 minutes running time) with room for commercial breaks (program runs continuously - no pre-measured commercial black).

  • Tech Talk
    • Post production equipment includes graphics designed on the HAL, video on-line with Sony9100, and audio mix on a Yamaha Fairlight Digital Audio Workstation.
    • Edited with the capacity for international languaging and subtitling. A diskette in PC or MAC format is available containing all language and EDL information. EDL info available in any format (SONY, CMX, GVG etc).
    • Complete Enlglish sciprt available.
    • Soundtrack composed by Maurice Chan and friends. Original music recorded at Studio S&R. All music was improvised.
    • All images are used with the consent of the owners of the material. Additional footage of the Walled City is furnished by CNN.

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