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The Chinese Art of Renowned Traditional
Signet Carving Artist from Hong Kong


Raymond Chow's carving - Ancient Dragon with Japanese text

Interest in, and appreciation of, the fine art of signet carving are growing in the seemingly "cultural desert" of Hong Kong. More and more people are investing time and effort to learn this unique art form. In a move to complement his artistic trend, the supremo of Bird-Insect signet carving in Hong Kong is nurturing a school of following of his own.

Born in Hong Kong in 1955, Mr.Raymond Chow Kai-kin is the most skillful Bird-Insect signet carving artist ever graduated from the class of Advanced Studies in Carving of the Hong Kong Chinese University back in 1973.

Raymond Chow

Mr. Chow has spent more than 20 fruitful years in channelling his creative and artistic soul in studying and cultivating his skills in the art of signet carving,particularly the Bird-Insect calligraphy (shown on left). This unique art form occupies an important chapter in the history of signet carving research, being a refined expression of beauty embodied in an ancient style of calligraphy dated back to the Qin and Han Dynasties.  Its crooked strokes resemble the shapes of fish and the heads of birds. Thus, the origin of its name, the Bird-Insect calligraphy.

Another distinguished characteristic of this art form derives from Mr.Chow's ability to add strokes to the calligraphy without ruining the original carving work. Such flexibility and rich variety in artistic expressions ensure that each piece of completed work is a masterpiece, something which common calligraphic forms cannot achieve.

In his strife to push the artistic expressions and the contemporary appreciation of Bird-Insect Signet Carving to new heights, he has endured much difficulty.

However, he has been amply rewarded for his relentless sincerity and unfailing effort when he magnificently introduced his favourite art form to the world through numerous interviews conducted by Hong Kong and Japanese television stations, and newspapers and magazines such as "Japan Post", "Hong Kong Post", "C&L Information Magazine", etc. his students include some famous Japanese singers and film stars such as Otanimmami, Kawaainahoko and Hafumoyai, who have expressed their admiration for his skills and talents.

The contribution that Mr. Chow makes to the folk art of China is inestimable. In recent years, his works of Bird-Insect signet carving has begun a new era in the art of carving on Shoushan Stones from China.

The art lover relishes the eternal spring,

Expressions come from within my artistic soul.

Singing a flowing and beautiful tune,

From the rich and fertile orchard of my heart.

Flying Dragon Productions's company logo and the Chinese titles
of its documentary "In Search of the Dragon's Tale"
were designed and carved exclusively by:

World Renowned Traditional Carving Artist


11 Man Wah Lane, Ground Floor
Sheung Wan

Tel: +(852) 2544-2470

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97 High Street, 10/F.,
"C" Lechler Court,
Sai Ying Poon,

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