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In Search of the Dragon's Tale follows the story of a handicapped street musician, Maurice Chan, as he explains what life is like for him in Hong Kong. In the process we go on a journey back in time to the Walled City of Kowloon.

Once dubbed 'the sleaziest' place in Hong Kong, it was an 'island' of Chinese sovereignty within the British colony. As a result of a secret political compromise between the Chinese and British Governments the Walled City was destroyed in 1992. This decision resulted in the displacement of the Walled City’s 40,000 residents.

The documentary gives a personal look into modern day Hong Kong and shows historical links to a place the authorities preferred to forget.

Shot on Betacam SP, edited on AVID non-linear editing systems, and finished on high-end post-production digital equipment, In Search Of The Dragon's Tale is the first serious documentary on the Walled City.

Featuring never-before-seen video footage and photos, as well as on-camera interviews, it underscores the tenacity of the human spirit to rise above conditions that were, as one journalist put it, 'worse than we can imagine'.

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